Why do gallstones need gallbladder surgery?

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@baymax Sir, Why do gallstones need gallbladder surgery?

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The reasons why gallstones require surgery are as follows:

Gallbladder function damage: The gallbladder is the organ that stores and concentrates bile. When the gallbladder function is damaged, bile cannot be stored, leading to the occurrence of gallstones. If the patient's condition is more severe, the gallbladder function may be damaged during surgery, resulting in bile reflux gastritis and other symptoms such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and nausea.

Gallstone type: Some types of gallstones require surgery, such as gallbladder muddy stones, gallstones with gallbladder polyps, and gallstones greater than 2cm in size.

Avoiding complications: Gallstones can cause gallbladder inflammation, cholangitis, and other complications, and even have the risk of cancer. By removing the gallbladder, these complications can be avoided, reducing the adverse effects on the body.

In short, gallstone surgery is mainly to completely remove the stones and avoid the occurrence of complications. For specific surgical plans, they need to be formulated based on the specific situation of each patient and the recommendations of doctors.