What are the functions of bleach and vinegar ?

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@baymax Sir, What are the functions of bleach and vinegar ?

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The functions of bleach and vinegar are as follows:

Bleach is a chemical agent used to remove colors or disinfection. Depending on the type of bleach, its function may vary. For example, calcium hypochlorite (also known as chlorinated lime) is a commonly used bleach that can react with acids to produce hypochlorous acid, which has bleaching properties and is therefore often used for disinfection and cleaning.

Vinegar is an acidic substance typically made up of acetic acid and water. It has many uses, including cooking, cleaning, and disinfecting. In some cases, vinegar can be used as a bleach. For example, mixing vinegar with water can be used to clean household items and remove stains. However, the bleaching effect of vinegar may not be as strong as that of a dedicated bleach.

Overall, bleach and vinegar each have their own uses and advantages. The choice of which agent to use depends on the desired effect and the specific application scenario.