What are the effects of removing wisdom teeth ?

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@baymax Sir, What are the effects of removing wisdom teeth ?

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After removing wisdom teeth, the following effects may occur:

1.Local pain and swelling: postoperative pain and swelling are normal reactions at the surgical site.

2.Temporary trismus: After wisdom teeth removal, temporary trismus may occur due to postoperative swelling and pain.

3.Bleeding: There may be some bleeding in the mouth after surgery. This is a normal postoperative reaction, but if the amount of bleeding is large or continues for a long time, medical attention is required.

4.Postoperative infection: If oral hygiene is poor or the patient has a low immune system, postoperative infection may occur.

5.Loose neighboring teeth: If the neighboring teeth are damaged during the wisdom teeth extraction process, they may become loose.

6.Dry socket syndrome: This is a postoperative complication that manifests as pain, halitosis, and infection in the mouth days after surgery. It requires prompt medical attention.

7.Nerve damage: Nerve damage may occur during the wisdom teeth extraction process, leading to postoperative sensory abnormalities or numbness.

8.Systemic discomfort: Some patients may experience systemic discomfort after wisdom teeth removal, such as fever, headache, muscle aches, etc.

Note that not all patients will experience these effects, depending on the surgical procedure, individual factors, and postoperative care. Therefore, patients need to follow the doctor's advice for postoperative care, such as avoiding irritating the surgical site, using antibiotics appropriately, and regular follow-ups.