How to deal with frequent urination ?

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@baymax Sir, How to deal with frequent urination ?

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refers to the condition of increased urination. It can be caused by various reasons, including physiological and pathological reasons. The following are some methods to manage urinary frequency:

Keep drinking plenty of water: Adequate water intake helps to dilute urine and flush the urinary tract, reducing the reproduction of bacteria in the urinary tract, thereby reducing the incidence of urinary tract infection. However, if the symptoms of urinary frequency are severe, especially at night, it is appropriate to reduce water intake to avoid excessive water drinking that causes urinary frequency.

Pay attention to personal hygiene: Keep the vulva clean and avoid the pollution of urine. Change underwear frequently to avoid bacterial growth.

Avoid using urinary tract infection instruments: Instruments such as urinary catheters and cystoscopes can cause urinary tract infections if not disinfected properly. If you must use them, disinfect them strictly and follow the doctor's advice.

Medication: If urinary frequency is caused by urinary tract or bladder infection, antibiotics or other drugs can be used for treatment under the doctor's advice. If urinary frequency is caused by drug side effects, consult the doctor to see if the medication can be changed or adjusted.

Seek medical attention promptly: If the symptoms of urinary frequency persist or are accompanied by other symptoms such as urinary pain, fever, and back pain, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in order to exclude potential problems such as prostatitis and cystitis.

In general, treating urinary frequency requires targeted treatment based on the specific cause. Maintaining good lifestyle habits and hygiene habits, avoiding the use of urinary tract infection instruments, and using drugs under the doctor's advice are effective ways to alleviate urinary frequency. At the same time, if the symptoms are serious or persist without improvement, it is important to seek medical attention