What are the characteristics of nano hearing aids ?

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@baymax Sir, What are the characteristics of nano hearing aids ?

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The characteristics of nanometer hearing aids include:

1.Small size: The volume of nanometer hearing aids is smaller than traditional CIC hearing aids by 25%, and the thickness of the wearing position is reduced by 35% compared to traditional custom hearing aids.

2.Invisibility: The hearing aids are designed to be more invisible, increasing audibility, clarity, and comfort, while ensuring a comfortable fit.

3.Waterproof and dustproof material: The outer shell is made of nano material, which provides waterproof and dustproof protection.

4.Customization based on hearing loss: Nanometer hearing aids are custom-designed based on the specific hearing loss of each individual, making them suitable for individuals with severe hearing loss and below.

Nanometer hearing aids are high-tech products with small size, invisibility, high comfort, and strong adaptability. These characteristics make nanometer hearing aids an ideal choice for individuals with hearing loss.