What are the consequences of sepsis infection ?

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@baymax Sir, What are the consequences of sepsis infection ?

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The consequences of sepsis infection include:

1.Induction of gastrointestinal bleeding: Sepsis is a type of acute systemic infection caused by pathogenic microorganisms. If not treated promptly, the gastrointestinal mucosa may suffer varying degrees of damage, leading to symptoms such as gastrointestinal bleeding when eating.

2.Septic shock: If sepsis continues to develop, the pathogenic microorganisms will produce a large number of toxins and metabolites in the blood, causing the hemoglobin to be unable to transport oxygen normally, resulting in body hypoxia and potential coma in patients.

3.Multi-organ failure: As the bloodstream is gradually overwhelmed by viruses, the blood is unable to function normally, potentially leading to organ damage and even organ failure. If the sepsis is severe, it may even pose a threat to life.

In addition to the above consequences, if a patient contracts sepsis, it is important to seek medical attention promptly and comply with the treatment plan to avoid further progression of the disease.