What treatment is needed for respiratory infections ?

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@baymax Sir, What treatment is needed for respiratory infections ?

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The treatment for respiratory infections mainly includes the following measures:

1.Etiological treatment: Depending on the type of infection, corresponding treatment measures for the cause should be taken. For example, ordinary colds and simple viral infections do not require the use of antibiotics, while complicated bacterial infections require the use of antibiotics.

2.Symptomatic treatment: Treat the symptoms of respiratory infections. For example, headache, fever, and general muscle pain can be treated with antipyretic analgesics; nasal congestion can be treated with 1% ephedrine hydrochloride drops; frequent sneezing and rhinorrhea should be given antihistamines; sore throat can be treated with lozenges or gullet drug aerosol therapy; severe coughing can be treated with strong cough medicine.

3.Chinese medicine treatment: Chinese medicine with the function of clearing heat and detoxifying can be selected, such as Zheng Chunlinkang and Xiaochuang formula and Lanqiao decoction.

4.Medication nursing: Follow the doctor's advice and observe the drug's efficacy and adverse reactions. For example, the use of antihistamines such as or may cause dizziness and drowsiness, so it is recommended to take them before going to bed at night, and inform drivers and operators of high-altitude jobs to avoid using them.

In addition, measures to prevent respiratory infections include strengthening exercise, keeping indoor air, avoiding nose picking, reasonable diet, etc. At the same time, people with respiratory infections should also maintain good habits to avoid worsening of the condition or infecting others.

Please note that the above information is for reference only. If you experience symptoms of respiratory infection, it is recommended to consult a doctor for professional diagnosis and treatment advice.