How to treat upper respiratory tract infection ?

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@baymax Sir, How to treat upper respiratory tract infection ?

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The treatment of upper respiratory tract infection mainly includes the following aspects:

1.Specific treatment: Depending on the type of infectious agents, corresponding antiviral drugs, antibiotics, or antihistamines are selected for treatment. For viral infections, early use of antiviral drugs can alleviate symptoms and shorten the course of the disease. For bacterial infections, antibiotics are required for treatment; for mycoplasma infections, macrolide antibiotics are commonly used for treatment.

2.Symptomatic treatment: Targeted treatment is given for specific symptoms. For example, antipyretic drugs are used to control fever, cough medicine is used to alleviate coughing, and expectorants are used to promote the discharge of phlegm.

3.General treatment: Rest is recommended, maintain a good and eating habits, and avoid overexertion and the intake of stimulating foods.

4.Preventive measures: Strengthen personal hygiene habits, avoid contact with infected sources, and enhance exercise to enhance physical.

It should be noted that for elderly individuals, children, pregnant women, and individuals with chronic diseases, upper respiratory tract infection may cause serious complications, so it is recommended to seek medical attention promptly and receive specialized treatment.