How to prevent AIDS ?

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@baymax Sir, How to prevent AIDS ?

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To prevent AIDS, we can take the following measures:

1.Understand the transmission routes and harm of AIDS. AIDS is a serious viral infection mainly transmitted through sexual contact, blood, and mother-to-child transmission. Understanding this knowledge can help us better prevent AIDS.

2.Avoid high-risk behaviors. High-risk behaviors refer to those behaviors that may result in the spread of AIDS, such as engaging in sexual activities with infected individuals, sharing needles or syringes, etc. Avoiding high-risk behaviors is the key to preventing AIDS.

3.Use condoms. Using condoms can reduce the risk of spreading AIDS during sexual activities and also prevent women from becoming infected with HIV during pregnancy.
4.Receive regular testing. Regular HIV antibody testing can help us detect and treat individuals with HIV infection in a timely manner, thereby reducing the risk of developing AIDS.

5.Pay attention to personal hygiene and lifestyle habits. Maintaining good personal hygiene habits, such as washing hands frequently, not touching facial skin randomly, and leading a healthy lifestyle, such as balanced diet, moderate exercise, maintaining a positive attitude, etc., can help us prevent AIDS.

6.Pay attention to and support related public welfare undertakings. Actively participating in and supporting related public welfare undertakings, such as education and advocacy, donating support, etc., can help more people understand the knowledge and methods of preventing AIDS and work together to maintain public health and safety.

In general, preventing AIDS requires that we start from ourselves, adopt measures to protect our own and others' health through our daily lives.