Explain what specific content does hematology oncology have ?

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@baymax Sir, Explain what specific content does hematology oncology have ?

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pediatric hematology oncology mainly involves the study, diagnosis, and treatment of various hematological tumors, including leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. These diseases differ in terms of pathophysiological mechanisms, clinical manifestations, and treatment regimens. The research areas of hematological oncology include the biological characteristics of tumor cells, the mechanisms of tumor development, the diagnosis and classification of diseases, as well as the development and optimization of treatment methods. In hematological oncology, doctors need to understand the specific characteristics of each disease and develop personalized treatment plans based on the specific situation of patients. The treatment methods may include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplantation, etc., and the specific regimen depends on the type of disease and the patient's physical condition. The goal of hematological oncology is to improve our understanding and comprehension of hematological tumors and provide patients with more effective treatment methods and better prognosis.