What is a dual personality ?

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@baymax Sir, What is a dual personality ?

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Dual personality refers to a psychological disorder in which a person has two or more distinct and separate personalities. Each personality is a complete entity with its own memories, behaviors, and preferences, which is in contrast to the original, pre-existing personality. The primary or original personality is usually the one that remains dominant and aware, while the secondary or alternate personalities are often hidden or subdued.

Treatment options for dual personality include cognitive-perceptual therapy and medication. Cognitive-perceptual therapy can help patients recognize their own behavior and emotional expression patterns and understand the root causes of these behaviors and emotions. By guiding patients to explore their inner feelings and experiences, they can develop healthier and more effective coping strategies. Medication can help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms in patients with dual personality disorder. Antianxiety agents and antidepressants can alleviate patients' emotional problems, helping them better cope with stress and difficulties.

It should be noted that dual personality is a complex psychological disorder that requires professional psychological counseling and treatment. If you or someone around you exhibits symptoms of a personality disorder, it is recommended to seek professional psychological counseling and treatment.