What are the causes of dual personality ?

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@baymax Sir, What are the causes of dual personality ?

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The causes of dual personality are not yet fully understood, but they may be related to biological and genetic factors, family environmental factors, social factors, and school education. Numerous studies have confirmed that early traumatic life events, especially physical abuse, corporal punishment during childhood, the death of close friends or family members, and witnessing traumatic events or death, are important environmental factors for patients with dual personality disorder. These traumatic events may cause individuals to use dissociation as a defense mechanism to cope with early trauma, resulting in the formation of different functional personalities and ultimately leading to the development of various dissociative identities in response to life.

It should be noted that dual personality is a complex psychological disorder, and its etiology and pathogenesis have not yet been fully understood. The above factors are only possible contributing factors and cannot be used as the basis for a final diagnosis. If you or someone around you exhibits symptoms of a personality disorder, it is recommended to seek professional psychological counseling and treatment.