What are the criteria for judging personality disorders ?

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@baymax Sir, What are the criteria for judging personality disorders ?

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The criteria for diagnosing personality disorders mainly include:

1.Symptom criteria: doctors observe the inner experience and behavioral characteristics of patients to determine whether there are symptoms such as emotional instability, abnormal changes, poor self-control ability, or poor ability to cooperate with others. Most patients begin to show cognitive, emotional, and behavioral abnormalities during childhood or adolescence.

2.Severity criteria: mild patients mostly manifest in psychological and emotional aspects, while severe patients show more in specific behavioral patterns, feeling abnormal distress and sometimes even hurting themselves and others.

3.Course criteria: personality disorders generally have a long course, with patients often starting to manifest symptoms in childhood or adolescence. This psychological illness often persists into adulthood.

4.Exclusion criteria: the final diagnostic criterion is through exclusion. If a patient shows abnormal psychological and behavioral symptoms, it can be generally determined that they have a psychological illness. Then other psychological illness symptoms can be gradually excluded until it is determined that the patient has a personality disorder.
If there are still doubts, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional doctor.