What are the advantages of Dexter's new blood ?

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@baymax Sir, What are the advantages of Dexter's new blood ?

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1.No need for blood transfusion: Dexter's new blood can serve as a blood substitute, avoiding the risks and needs associated with blood transfusion during surgery or other medical procedures.

2.Reducing blood bank shortages: Dexter's new blood can serve as a substitute for inventory blood, providing a timely blood supply in emergency situations, thus reducing blood bank shortages.

3.Customization: Dexter's new blood can be customized according to a patient's specific needs, such as matching the patient's blood type, immune status, and other physiological conditions, better meeting the patient's needs.

4.Avoiding the risk of infectious diseases: Dexter's new blood undergoes rigorous manufacturing and quality control processes, avoiding the risk of infectious diseases associated with blood transfusion, such as hepatitis, AIDS, etc.

5.storability and transportability: Dexter's new blood can be stored and transported like regular blood, making it easy to use on demand.

It should be noted that Dexter's new blood is a new medical product, and its safety and effectiveness need to be rigorously verified through clinical trials and regulatory processes. Before clinical application, it is necessary to ensure that the product's safety and effectiveness for patients are confirmed.