What are the symptoms of high blood sugar ?

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@baymax Sir, What are the symptoms of high blood sugar ?

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The symptoms of high blood sugar in people may include:

1.Thirst: Due to increased blood sugar and increased osmotic pressure in the blood, it can cause dehydration symptoms, resulting in thirst.

2.Frequent urination: High blood sugar can cause an increase in urinary osmotic pressure, resulting in a significant increase in urine volume and a corresponding increase in the frequency of urination.

3.Skin itching: When blood sugar is too high and involves the blood vessels or nerves, it may cause skin itching and discomfort.

4.Fatigue: Glucose cannot provide energy to the body, resulting in fatigue.

5.Headache: When blood sugar is high, the blood is in a relatively viscous state, so the blood vessels have to bear a greater pressure. Therefore, people often experience headache.

6.Significant weight loss: Although there is increased food intake, there is still significant weight loss.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for comprehensive examination and confirmation of whether you have high blood sugar as soon as possible.