What foods are suitable for people with high blood sugar ?

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@baymax Sir, What foods are suitable for people with high blood sugar ?

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The following foods are suitable for people with high blood sugar:

Meat: Lean pork, beef, fish, chicken, etc., but reduce the intake of fatty meat, processed meat products, squid.

Eggs: Eat normal eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc., but limit the intake to 3-4 per week.
Dairy Products: Pure milk or unsweetened yogurt can be chosen, but the intake of whole milk powder, cheese, etc. should be reduced.

Vegetables: All fresh vegetables, such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, cabbages, bamboo shoots, etc., can be eaten, but starchy vegetables such as pumpkins, lotus root, potatoes, etc. should be eaten in moderation or with a reduced intake of main meals.

Fruits: It is recommended to choose fruits with a low Glycemic Index (GI), such as pomelos, peaches, apples, pears, grapes, etc., and control the intake.

Grain Foods: Adzuki beans, corn, noodles, rice can be eaten, but they should also be consumed in moderation. When cooking, try to avoid deep-fried foods such as fried bread sticks and oil-based noodles, and try to avoid eating porridge frequently.

Low-sugar, low-calorie foods: buckwheat, Chinese cabbage、 milk、 beans.

In general, people with high blood sugar should choose low-sugar, low-fat, and low-calorie foods and eat reasonable portions to maintain blood sugar stability. At the same time, they should also pay attention to reasonable food pairing to ensure balanced nutrition.