What are the solutions to emotional abuse by parents?

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@baymax Sir, What are the solutions to emotional abuse by parents?

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1.Stay calm: Do not let the emotions control you, and try to stay calm, avoiding intense arguments or conflicts with your parents.

2.Seek support: Share your troubles with trusted friends, family members, or professionals to get support and advice. This can help you clear your mind and find better solutions.

3.Establish communication: Try to establish good communication with your parents, expressing your feelings and needs while also trying to understand their position and perspective. Through effective communication, you can enhance mutual understanding and reduce conflict and misunderstandings.

4.Seek professional help: If the emotional abuse behavior seriously affects your emotions and quality of life, consider seeking professional help from a psychologist. They can provide professional advice and support to help you deal with complex emotional issues.

5.Protect yourself: When dealing with emotional abuse from parents, always focus on your own emotions and needs. Ensure your own safety and interests, and do not sacrifice your own rights and happiness to please your parents.

6.Establish healthy boundaries: Set and stick to your own boundaries, protecting your personal space and needs. Do not let your parents' emotional abuse behavior control or invade your life, and establishing healthy boundaries can help you safeguard your rights and happiness.

7.Leave the unhealthy environment: If the situation is so serious that it cannot be improved or tolerated, consider temporarily leaving the family environment and pursuing an independent life and development. This can give you a chance to catch your breath and allow you to better deal with your emotional problems.