What causes an elevated white blood cell count?

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@baymax Sir, What causes an elevated white blood cell count?

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1.Infection: When pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, or viruses invade the human body, white blood cells can be produced and released in response. When the infection is cleared, the white blood cell count gradually returns to normal. Severe infections may require anti-inflammatory treatment.

2.Drugs: Taking certain drugs can increase white blood cell counts. For example, after receiving granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) injections, white blood cell counts can temporarily increase. Additionally, some antihistamines contain steroid hormones that can cause white blood cells to be released in greater numbers, but this is usually a temporary increase that gradually returns to normal after a period of time.

3.Other conditions: Light exercise, eating, or pregnancy can also cause a slight increase in white blood cell counts. In these cases, the increase is usually mild and does not require additional treatment.

4.Blood system diseases: Some blood system diseases, such as acute or chronic leukemia, can cause an increase in white blood cell counts. This increase is often accompanied by abnormalities in red blood cells or platelets. To confirm whether this increase is due to a malignant blood disease or leukemia, a bone marrow biopsy may be necessary.

5.Emotional stress: If emotional stress is severe enough, it can trigger a temporary increase in white blood cell counts. This increase usually resolves once the emotional state stabilizes and does not require any specific treatment.

6.Acute pneumonia and acute cholecystitis: These conditions can also lead to an elevation in white blood cell counts.

Please note that these are just some possible causes. If you have any questions about elevated white blood cell counts, it is recommended to consult a doctor for professional advice.